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Welcome to Crowley County, Colorado!

Effective 3/7/2014 Lakes Henry and Meredith have been re-opened for recreation.

CCA, the company that operates the private prison Crowley County Correctional Facility, has job openings, especially for Correctional Officers. Please see the information page and apply online at

Crowley County is one of Colorado’s best places to relax and unwind. Fishing, camping, boating, jet skiing, bird watching, bicycling, you name it. In many ways, Crowley County is Colorado as it was intended to be.

Crowley County is located in the high plains of Southeast Colorado. Ordway, the County seat, lies about 50 miles east of Pueblo at the intersection of U.S. Highway 96 and Colorado 71. Crowley County is a rural community. Residents are a blend of ranchers and farmers, those involved in government and education and many are employed by correctional industries. Due to the mild climate, easy lifestyle and low cost of living, a number of retirees have recently selected Crowley County as their place of choice.

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Crowley County Administration
603 Main Street Suite 2
Ordway, CO 81063

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